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Second Chance Collections LLC specializes in Fast Track Commercial Collections.


Our Team's wide array of collection experience and expertise of over 60 years allows us to offer a wide variety of collection tools to assist our clients in getting paid without the need of costly lawsuits. When and if Litigation is needed, our network of Attorneys are ready and willing to "Collect The Money You Earned". Second Chance Collections LLC knows that it will take different approaches to different debtors. Commercial & Consumer , Large or Small, will produce results. We focus on our clients' needs to better customize all of our services, from account handling and reporting to invoicing. Our approach to collections on your accounts reflects your instructions to us, whether it be sensitive fact-finding, or tough and persistent collections. Second Chance Collections LLC is committed to the highest ethical standards in the Collection Industry. Our cutting edge software allows us to swiftly maximize your recovery with full transparency to you throughout the collection process.

Let’s face it. Sometimes it becomes to time consuming to collect debts while running your business. Other times, the debtor may be in a different country, or a different state, and it just gets too complicated to figure out the laws and regulations. We understand what you are going through, and we have the experience and the legal know how to figure out how to collect these debts while you keep your business running.

Collecting debt can be a challenge for the business...