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Second Chance Collections LLC Specializes In Fast-Track Retail and Commercial Collections. 404-380-1850


With over 60 years of collections experience, our Management team collects your money from inception to litigation.


Our custom-developed proprietary system allows us to fast track and collect the money you earned.


Our partnership with our clients allows customized reporting, keeping them informed at all times throughout the collections process.


Our team's wide array of collection experience and expertise of over 60 years allows us to offer a wide variety of collections tools to assist our clients in getting paid without the need of costly lawsuits. When and if litigation is needed, we are ready and willing to "Collect The Money You Earned". Second Chance Collections LLC knows that it will take different approaches to different debtors. Commercial & consumer, large or small, we will produce results. We focus on our clients' needs to better customize all of our services, from account handling and reporting to invoicing. Our approach to collections on your accounts reflects your instructions to us, whether it be sensitive fact-finding, or tough and persistent collections. Second Chance Collections LLC is committed to the highest ethical standards in the Collection Industry. Our cutting edge software allows us to swiftly maximize your recovery with full transparency to you throughout the collection process.


I run an independently-owned carpet cleaning business in Seattle, Washington. I only have two employees - myself and my son. It gets hard and extremely time consuming trying to keep up with customer accounts and clean their carpets at the same time. I found I had over 25 customers who hadn't paid yet, and that was the day I called Second Chance. My money was collected FAST and at no cost to my business until the money was recieved. Now I am able to worry about the latest trends in carpet cleaning while Second Chance watches my back and makes sure I get all my money!

- Anonymous, 2019

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